This project only contains my XNA project. To build it, you'll need to download the Node Garden solution it relies on.
You'll want to download and set up that project correctly before including and building Echo Garden.
Moving an XNA project into a new solution can cause problems with the content project but it should work.

Including Echo Garden in the Node Garden solution

The Echo Garden projects need to be set up in the same way that the Node Garden XNA projects that come with Node Garden are.
Simply place the top Echo Garden folder into your Node Garden solution's root and include EchoGarden.csproj, EchoGardenLib.csproj and EchoGardenLibContent.csproj in the solution.
The references and content project should already be set up but, if you come across problems, you can try troubleshooting below.


If you find that the project fails to build or crashes immediately when running, please check the following:
  • Ensure that the EchoGarden project has a reference to EchoGardenLib and NodeGardenLib and that the EchoGardenLib project has a content reference to EchoGardenLibContent.
  • If Visual Studio tells you that EchoGardenLib.dll is missing, try building it on it's own first and make sure EchoGarden's dependencies include EchoGardenLib.
  • If Visual Studio tells you that the content reference already exists, try removing the reference and adding it again.
  • If the app crashes immediately due to a ContentLoadException, make sure that all of the images and sounds' build mode are set to compile. Also check that the content project's root is "Content".
  • If the app still crashes, try deleting the Bin directory in EchoGarden and rebuild the project.

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